Curved Axis is an architectural visualisation studio based in London, that specialises in crafting stories through compelling CGIs, animations and interactive experiences. We are creatives that are passionate about visualisation and that take pride in producing exciting, high-quality CGIs. In an ever-changing digital environment, we are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries and improve the services that we offer our clients.

We believe that our combination of creativity, innovation and experience makes us truly unique. This blend of skills helps us better advise our clients, to guide them through the visualisation process and create engaging visuals that bring their ideas to life and connect with their target audience.

Our artists are not only passionate about architectural visualisation, but also the world of art, filmmaking, interior design and digital marketing. It is our first-hand experience across many industries that allows us to more easily interpret project briefs, and to understand the nuances and technical details behind each piece of work. Our clients' benefit not only from our creativity but also from our experience, efficiency, communication and our ability to advise throughout the iterative design process.

Here are some of the architectural visualisation services we offer.

Close up of London office